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Hey there, blues enthusiasts! Welcome to The Blues Club, where I share my passion for guitar and all things blues. I’m Andy, and I’ve created this space to dive deep into blues licks, solos, rhythms, and tricks that will elevate your playing.

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Blues Guitar Courses

Here are my Blues Guitar Courses, suitable for beginners and more advanced players. Both methods are available for download and come with videos, backing tracks and Guitar Pro files. With these methods (and the others that will be realized in the future), most of the videos I made become part of a route.


Blues Fundamentals is the first method I wrote for the Blues Guitar Route Series. More than one hundred pages are organized into two main sections, Rhythm and Lead, that will cover the basics and the fundamental aspects needed to develop a solid Blues playing and lay a groundwork to address and understand more specific topics that will be covered in the next methods.


The versatility and playability of the Pentatonic major make it a popular choice in guitar soloing. It sounds perfectly on any major key and can be mixed with the Blues scale when the tonal chord is a dominant 7th chord. In this method, I’ll show you how to master the Pentatonic major and I’ll give you advice on the use of the most practical methods to combine the Pentatonic major and the Blues scale.

How to get the courses

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